New to My Playlist #39

This is what's new to my most listened to playlist and how it came into my life (so grateful for music). 

"The Suburbs" (Arcade Fire cover) by Mr. Little Jeans
Fun Fact:

From Arcade Fire:
Win Butler explained to Mojo magazine that the album title relates to his and younger brother Will's young life in the commuter belt. Said Butler: "Will and I grew up in Woodlands, a suburb in Houston, Texas. We were there for 10, 12 years, and I wanted to encapsulate the feelings I had of growing up at that time in the lyrics.
It felt important to describe accurately the experience. It wasn't about making a moral judgement, for me it was about truth-telling, describing the exact feelings I had. I also wanted to write about right now, and that sense of foreboding of apocalypse, which always seems to be there in our records. Somehow suburbia and an apocalyptic outlook are related."
I'm actually from Houston, TX so this was quite the fun fact. Been to Woodlands, but I'm certainly not from the suburbs so can't really relate. I still love the song though, I must say. I actually enjoy this Mr. Little Jeans cover a lot more though. 

"Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift
Found: The Hunger Games soundtrack

"Civilian" Wye Oak
Found: Season 2 season finale of The Walking Dead 

Favorite: I know my thoughts but I can hide them.  

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