Bad Teacher // Movie Review

Rating: 1/5; Not my thing.

Release Date: June 2011

Elizabeth Halsey is a middle school teacher who hates kids and only took the job because of summer breaks and because she expects to marry her wealthy fiance. His oh so terrible mother decides to open her son's eyes to Elizabeth's gold digging ways and he breaks up with her.

It was terrible. stay away from it. I thought I would at least get a few memorable laughs. I got a few laughs, yes, but certainly not memorable. What I ended up feeling afterward was actual anger. I shouldn't be so upset over it because it is just a movie, but I strongly disliked how teachers were represented in this movie. Yes, I am studying to be a teacher and no I don't usually get upset over these silly things (or what I feel is silly), but either way, here I am feeling this way.
As for the characterization, there was none. Hmm except for the protagonist. She was just too dang hateable I did not care to find out what happened to her. I figured "oh this is going to be one of those movies where the character grows as a person." It wasn't. In a way I suppose she did, but you were left wondering how she got from point A (being a total dislikable arse that curses at her students and is very inappropriate all around school and outside of it) to point B *WARNING - SPOILER*(suddenly liking the p.e teacher). Jason Segel, I still love you. Ehem.
There's not much else to say other than it was not my kind of movie in the least. 

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Diana (Not So Closet Geeks) said...

Exactly how I felt about this movie.

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