T.V: Big Bang Theory, Sons of Anarchy, New Girl

What I'm currently watching and my thoughts. Beware of spoilers. I'm basically complaining or squealing like a fangirl.

Big Bang Theory - Season 5, Ep 12, The Shiny Trinket Maneuver

Eeeeep!!!!! How adorable is that??! I totally think that Sheldon has Asperger's Syndrome so that's why he acts in certain ways and I'm very, very curious as to how he and Amy Farrah Fowler's relationship will continue to develop. By the by, I'm extremely jealous of my oldest sister because today she is going to see a live taping of Big Bang Theory. Curse this wretched world!! *shakes fist in the air* I hope one day I get to be there too. 

I'm not even gonna mention ep 13. Lame. Not interested, but it was sad. 

Sons of Anarchy - Season 1, Ep 9

I recently started watching this show. Ahhh the main lead is so freaking gorgeous AND he is British. Sadly, not on the show. :( Anywho, the show is pretty interesting and curious, but overall I find it a bit boring. It's full of action like I hoped, but the storyline is not compelling enough for me. I'm still going to continue it, but I won't be surprised if I give up on it. 
Ep 9 had me thinking: "that sh*t cray." It's nuts. I can't believe that after that dead body's lying about that Tara and Jax get busy. So creepy. 

New Girl - Season 1, Ep 10, The Story of the 50

Meh. I really don't want to give up on this show, but it's just not that great. The writers really need to step it up.

I really need to catch up on this past season of Dexter and The Walking Dead. They started off so lame that I just didn't care, but I'm thinking of at least fast forwarding so I can find out what happened. I still want to know where the stories went. Well, for The Walking Dead I pretty much already know since I've read the comics that correlate with that season.

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Taschima Cullen said...

IT'S A TIARA!!!! Looved that. And I liked episode 13, he still asked her, after thinking on it LONG and HARD. Can't wait for this week's episode.

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