My Snapshots #1

Here are some of my pictures (from phone, cammy, were sent to me, etc.)

This was a doodle I created while my younger cousins and I were using our eraser board. Fun fun fun!

This is an adoooorable cousin of mine we call "Gordo" which is Spanish for "fat one." hehe We say it in an endearing way, but I wonder how he'll take it when he gets older. 

This pic I took of a very large chess piece that lights up in different colors. San Antonio. 

Cute plate of Le Petit Prince that I found. I gifted it to a friend's girlfriend because she looooovoes Le Petit Prince way more than I couldn't resist giving it to her. 

 This one was taken at hmm where was it taken? haha It was taken at an amusement park in San Antonio. 

 From a souvenir shop in San Antonio. hehe get it? It's HOT in Texas!

~~T.V and Book Addict~~

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Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Fun snapshots!

I love the nickname Gordo for when a boy is small. But you're right, it loses the cute as he gets older.

I call my daughter flaca ;)

T.V and Book Addict said...

Juju -
Awww you call her flaca? How darling! We used to call my sister flaca a lot when she was younger. My mom and dad sometimes still call her that. For me it's guera because I'm so light skinned and my hair is very light compared to the rest of them.

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